The Entrance Fee is fully refundable before the Refund Deadline, the “Revenue and Business Models” session, of the Core Program. Similarly, if all or part of a team decides to drop out before the Refund Deadline, then the Entrance Fees paid will be refunded in accordance with the team pricing.

If you cannot finish the program for personal reasons or get dropped by the Founder Institute, you can use your already paid Entrance Fee towards a future program of the Founder Institute in the same city. You are allowed one (1) re-enroll and that re-enroll program must begin within one calendar year of the start date of the program you dropped out from. If the Entrance Fee for the new program is significantly higher than your original one, FI reserves the right to require you to pay the difference in order to enroll in the new program. However, we will not refund the difference if the Entrance Fee of the new program is lower.